Mr. Deja Vu

from by Jonah Knight



This is a song about hating your job.

After college, the first job I had was summer stock at the Black Hills Playhouse in Custer State Park, South Dakota 1998. I started writing this while I was there and finished it soon after leaving.

I was miserable and made a lot of my friends unhappy. But, the predictions I made in this song came true. If I had gone back a few years later I probably would have enjoyed it quite a bit.


Mr. Deja Vu

As I move my desk to block off the door
I get this sinking feeling like I've been through all of this before
I made a few friends, did decent work, got a nice review
Deja vu
Although this facility is nice and the people here respect me for what I do
I'd rather be unemployed with you
They call me Mr. Deja Vu

Maybe I'm only four states away from where I want to be
West or east, doesn't matter to me, let's go see what there is to see
I might miss it here in five or seven years, but now it's not what I wanna do
Deja vu
I wish that there was some way for me to apologize and then to sneak out the back way
What else is news?
They call me Mr. Deja vu

(I'm designed to rewind)
(For me repeating is the same as breathing)

Maybe I could make it though the summer
Save up some money for the winter
Maybe I could add on one more year
The future, like magic, would just appear
Everything I have fits in my car
The border to the north is not that far...

There's some secret code that gets triggered by a long stretch of road
Deja vu
I can feel it in my bones, it's the signal that it's time to go
But I don't have to go alone
I'm not the only one who knows...

(I rewind by design)
(For me repeating is the same as breathing)


from South Dakota, released June 20, 2018




Jonah Knight Fair Oaks, California

Jonah is the world's premier Paranormal Modern Folk musician. From a singer/songwriter background, his songs are about ghosts, monsters, supernatural creepiness, and steampunk.

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