The Exploration of Dangerous Places

by Jonah Knight

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Supernatural dangers are the theme of this, Jonah's third album.

Via, the people became pirate lovers. Randi Hamer, Chris Gladis, DeAnna Knippling, Matt Chong the Playstation God, Todd & Michelle & Daniel Wilson, and Ron & Linda Hooper.


released November 1, 2010

Doug Alan Wilcox-harmonica on Empty House. Percussion on Empty House and Isn't It Amazing

Jennie Williams-ukulele on Sleepy Little Creepy Little Town

McMangos-8-bit on King Of Nebraska

Michele Mauro-vocals on Sleepy Little Creepy Little Town and King Of Nebraska

Scurvy Pirates-tuba, accordion, percussion and gang vocals on Pirate Song

Zak Mabie-stand-up bass on Sleepy Little Creepy Little Town, fretless bass on Isn't It Amazing and Haunted By You, rockin' bass on King Of Nebraska. He then played fiddle on Isn't It Amazing.

All songs recorded at Zaxtrax recording studio in Frederick, MD. Songs (c) 2010 Zak Mabie is the producer, mixer, and masterer.

DC Cathro designed the CD art.




Jonah Knight Fair Oaks, California

Jonah is the world's premier Paranormal Modern Folk musician. From a singer/songwriter background, his songs are about ghosts, monsters, supernatural creepiness, and steampunk.

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Track Name: Sleepy Little Creepy Little Town
There's a little devil sitting on my shoulder
There's a little monster swimming in the bog
There's something howling deep in the forest
Always lock your window when we get fog

Oh, all these open graves
Oh, all the mutants living up in the caves
There's a sleepy little town in the middle of nowhere
There's a creepy little town it's the source of terror
Not the kind of place you want to be out alone
But this sleepy little creepy little town
is my home

There's a nameless faceless thing crawling down from out of the hills
There's a prehistoric prophecy on the verge of being fulfilled
Everybody down in the village likes to gather at the general store
Talk about the screams coming from the mansion and comparing our mysterious open sores

Track Name: Empty House
On these shattered window frames
Only splattered blood remains
Every month or so, another body found
The graveyard's running out of empty ground

This empty house isn't empty after all
Late at night you can hear things in the walls
Your shallow grave isn't deep enough at all
To keep your ghost under ground
Keep your ghost under ground

She is digging a hole into his chest
Searching for any clue that can set his soul to rest
His heart has popped, his blood is mud
Just like all the others, he's a mystery to her


Nobody really knows how many have died
But the legend of this house has been spread far and wide
Now I've got the address, won't you wish me well
I'm off to burn this house back to Hell

This empty house isn't empty after all
Shrieks in the night as fire licks the walls
Your shallow grave might be deep enough after all
To keep your ghost under ground
Keep your ghost under ground
Track Name: Pirate Song
Seven salt seas have been running through my veins since I first saw Johnny Depp and his dingy
I got some pirate pants and then I learned some pirate chants and now the skull and crossbones fly above me

Swingin' on the yardarm cutlass in my hand
Cannon balls are flying and there is no sign of land
But you arr what you arr and that's all that I may be
A pirate sailing on the sea

I got a puffy shirt, I bury treasure in the dirt, and I'm only drinking rum when I get thirsty
I broke into the zoo with my dirty stinky crew and I made off with a parrot and a monkey


I'll spin you a tale about an epic fail and landlubber that I used to be
I got fired from my job and kicked my boss right in his nob and then got keelhauled by security
But a pirate I am, and a quite determined man, so I snuck back in when my boss was gone,
On his chair I left a mess and then set fire to his desk and then I stole a boat and now I'm off to Guam.


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