The Age Of Steam: Strange Machines

by Jonah Knight

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The Age Of Steam: Strange Machines is the first in my Supernatural Steampunk series.
The songs are sometimes humorous (our Future Is In The Sky) and sometimes horrific (Old Folk Roam). Zombies, Cthulhu monsters, DIY flying machines, and time travel are all here. While my music is modern folk, the lyrics, featuring science fiction and fantasy themes, are not. Although I have been performing at many sci-fi conventions lately, my music is not strictly filk either.

Steampunk music is unique as the category is defined by lyrical content and showmanship rather than the musical styles. Abney Park, The Extraordinary Contraptions, Unwoman, Professor Elemental, Mr. B, The Two Man Gentleman Band, Rasputina, Steam Powered Giraffe, and Vernian Process soniclly sound nothing alike (except perhaps Professor Elemental and Mr. B, but that's a long story) however they are certainly all Steampunk.


released November 18, 2011

Songs written by Jonah Knight except:
Bad Moon Rising by John Fogerty
Old Folk Roam adapted from "Swanee River" traditional by Stephen Foster

Produced by Zack Mabie

Album art by Elizabeth Campbell




Jonah Knight Fair Oaks, California

Jonah is the world's premier Paranormal Modern Folk musician. From a singer/songwriter background, his songs are about ghosts, monsters, supernatural creepiness, and steampunk.

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Track Name: Once Around The Sun
I live like a ghost in the age of steam
These walls can't keep me from you
On every darkened street where gas light cannot gleam
If you're there I will be too

Every broken heart
Can be replaced by another part
Until you are machine through and through

I will carry you once around the sun
I will follow too once and then we're done

You can't call them dreams because they come when I'm awake
Clutter up the scenery
I see strange machines traveling through space
Waiting for us to fly away

If I have to dig you from the dirt
I'll carry you to the ends of the earth

I've got nothing left to say that can't be written on my grave
I know my time is coming soon
But you should come with me, we'll cross that starry sea
Where the sounds of silver trumpets call us home

Every single ghost will drift away
On that day
I will fade
Track Name: The Ghost In My Guitar
I take a deep breath. It's not enough.
The spirits that I hear are loud and clear. It's not enough.
I might be possessed
There's a pressure in my chest
I feel hung up wet. A marionette at rest.

They come from near and far
For the ghost in my guitar

It's some kind of fate. The way we reincarnate
I'm lost and damned, hollow with sorrow.
It's how I operate
Memories are burred, civilizations lost.
Countless wandering souls with rivers and veils to cross.


Rising up from the ground
Floating down from the sky
These apparitions
Fill coliseums
Stay silent through the night
To hear the ghost in my guitar

Rising from the wood, ringing on the strings
Traveling out through the air is the message that it brings.
Every room falls quiet when you leave your body behind.
Somewhere in the distance are the lands we pray to find.
Track Name: Our Future Is In The Sky
I dreamed last night that I could fly
When I woke up this morning there were blueprints by my bedside
For a strange machine powered by steam
Now I'm up here on the roof of my house
Making some wings from my wife's old blouse.

And the 19th century is passing us by
Gentlemen, oh no! please don't settle in
Our future is in the sky

Strap on your headgear. The epitome of austere
Hop right into my flying machine and we'll chart the new frontier
Cities in the clouds, castles tall and proud
And if we survive the take off imagine the response from the crowd.

And the 20th century is sneaking up behind
Gentle men, oh no! please don't settle in
Our future is in the sky

Again I apologize, I'd never try to take your life.
Clearly there were flaws in my flying machine design.
But the past is history, my friend you and me
We'll depart tomorrow morning for a journey under the sea.

And the 21st century is still a long ways away
Gentlemen, I may have changed my mind again,
Our future is under the waves...
Track Name: Old Folk Roam
Way down upon the Swanee River, far far away
That is where my heart burns forever, where the old folk stay.
All up and down the whole of creation, madly I roam.
Still haunted by that old plantation, what the old folk call home.

All the world is sad and dreary
And we are all alone
That is where evil burns forever
Where the old folk roam

One little hut among the bushes still haunts my dreams
That is where my memory rushes and I awake in screams
When I hear bee's buzzing around that hive
And when I hear banjo playing I run and hide

Track Name: The Dead Crawl From The Earth Alive!
In my laboratory I build
Plans and devices that amaze and thrill
But tonight I will begin
To test my new invention
Animate these corpses to my whim

Ladies will faint
Gentlemen cry
Fire burns the earth
Smoke fills the sky
You can run and hide or fight and die
When the dead crawl from the earth alive

From the top of my tower I look down
On the ancient cemetery outside of this Victorian town
One by one
Your cities fall, they're overrun
So surrender to my zombies or be crushed under my thumb


Since I raised the dead two months have come and gone
Every part of my plan has gone wrong
The dead have come back home
They're clawing on the stone
Trying to break these walls and eat my bones

It seems you can't control the undead
They have a hunger that must be fed
But I have a plan to survive
There's a machine that I've devised
That'll send them back to Hell
If I still have enough time

Track Name: Bad Moon Rising
I'm not sure if I'm allowed to reprint the lyrics so I won't.
Track Name: Time Machine
I've asked you here to clear the air and address all the rumors I'm sure you hear
I've been locked away with no sleep for days but I've done it and now my work is on display

Venting steam
Glowing green
Leaking kerosene
It's my time machine

I will flip this switch stand back!
You've never seen smoke this black
Please sit back down, it's perfectly safe
I've done this before, I practice on apes


Who knows the danger that I might face
Traveling all across time and space
There's evil out there, miracles too
With the power of steam I might make it through

This crank here
Turns the gears
Hold on to your beards
Things might get weird

Track Name: Welcome To The Age Of Steam
I was just a boy when I built my clockwork telescope, caught glimpses of the people who lived up in the sky.
And now I'm grown with science in my bones and one day I'll build an airship that'll make it up that high

My ancestors that came before
Are back and knocking on my bedroom door
All the ghosts I've seen so far
Whisper that I should look to the stars

Hold your hopes
Face your fears
Dust off your Dreams
Welcome to the age of steam

I spend my days in a laboratory 20,000 feet deep under the hill and now it seems I have some empty slabs to fill.
All night in the cemetery digging bodies from their graves, attaching these contraptions to their decomposing heads.

All these zombies walking around
I dug each one from out of the ground
A supernatural Professor James Moriarty
Building an undead army


Alchemist and scientist, your paranormal specialist, where the supernatural and the natural worlds will merge.
So many people refuse to believe but I have faith in both: the ghost and the machine!

The exploration of dangerous places
Aided by scientific devices
Every quest for mythic lore
Takes us to some foreign shore


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