South Dakota

by Jonah Knight

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For Ellen Slagle Christie. Into the sky.


released June 20, 2018

Mixing and Mastering by Mark Logic

Cover Art by Mikey Mason




Jonah Knight Fair Oaks, California

Jonah is the world's premier Paranormal Modern Folk musician. From a singer/songwriter background, his songs are about ghosts, monsters, supernatural creepiness, and steampunk.

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Track Name: All These Ghosts (All Together)
All These Ghosts (All Together)

I'm like Christmas lights still up on Labor Day
Something from another time and place casting a familiar shade
I keep seeing things out the corner of my eye
Faces and places from a former life

When we were all together...

Sometimes I feel like flyin' dandilions
Sometimes this city feels like it ain't even tryin'
I'm workin' to hold on to things that I can barely remember
I'm tryin' to keep on reminding you of when we were all together

When we were all together...

The brightest lights of the city scape just run up my electric bill
My full moon like ancient runes dancing on my window sill
Cameron's dog still walks these streets and everybody knows her name
We may change, but all these ghosts are the same

From the creatures swimming down in the deep blue sea
To the spirits flying around snowy mountain peaks
There's one little town where the road goes ever, ever on
Not where I was born, but it's where I come from

When I was all together...

Five minute drive to the midnight sky, shoulder to shoulder stars
Down in the dirt up through the universe, capture in a jar
Somewhere on Dakota Street I carved everybody's name
We may change, but all these ghosts are the same

I watched you rise up to the sky leaving us in pouring rain
We may change, but all these ghosts are the same
Track Name: The George Clooney Song
The George Clooney Song

I don't dance, but I got out and danced after I kidnapped the groom and the bride
The soundtrack played and the whole room swayed and I happened to look over to the side
Our eyes locked I guess I left a good impression even though I didn't shave for the wedding

Cue your entrance into the room
You know the camera is rolling
Are you my leading lady, maybe?
I could be George Clooney

Out by the elevator I'll write you a letter, but can you hear my voiceover when you read it?
We finally had a beer and when the montage clear the story took a turn

I thought that I was cast in a lite romantic comedy
But the rewrite says it's a drama so I guess that the joke's on me

Cue the fight scene in your bedroom
You know the camera is rolling
Are you my leading lady, maybe?
Is life really a movie?
If you're my leading lady, baby
Where's my Hollywood ending?

I got a letter from her mom apologizing for the behavior of her daughter
She said I should keep in touch she said her daughter is a nut I think this movie is almost over

I put your family on my Christmas card list
Because I think that they're the ones I really miss
And ever since that night when I slept on your brother's floor
Well I'll admit to thinking of you
And I'll admit I never really knew you
I'm taking off from the land of Lincoln
And as the credits start to roll I just can't help thinkin'

Cue my exit from the scene now
You know the camera is rolling
You're not my leading lady baby
But I'm still George Clooney
Cuz I know life is a movie, baby
Without a Hollywood ending
And since life is a movie, baby
I'll be George Clooney...
Track Name: Catching Echoes
Catching Echoes

I stood in rushing water surrounded by my friends
That colde Vermillion river washed us around the bend
Like catfish we fought the tide and on the banks we dried
That day is burned in me, but no words survive

Sometimes words are only words
Just because you listed doesn't mean that you've heard
All alone in this empty room, I am
Catching echoes

I used to watch the stars on every rise and every fall
The comet didn't seem so far away, but it grew so very small
I like to think of us, our tribe forever strong
One day you turn around and everybody's gone

Sometimes words are only words
Just because you listed doesn't mean that you've heard
All alone in this empty room, I am
Catching echoes

Only so many places to go, now it's just all of us again
The world outside is very small when winter has settled in
Time is flying by while simultaneously so slow
I've traveled into the future while still locked in a tableau

Sometimes words are only words
Just because you listed doesn't mean that you've heard
All alone in this empty room, I am
Catching echoes
Track Name: The Desert
The Desert

It was The Cowboy, The Cherry Street Grille, or whatever they call this place now.
Sunlight trickled through the moss green shade highlighting your eyebrow.
I've been busy just sloshing around. Swimming through the motions like a champ.
Awkward cup and saucer overflow with chatter. Bunched up, her napkin was damp.

Hearts like coffee, bitter and sharp, secrets I'm ready to spill.
"I don't think I can handle this,"
She drips, she runs, she swells.
Surrounding us is The Desert. A mournful kingdom of sand.
Deep in my heart stretches The Desert. A dry and primitive land.

I hate The Cowboy, The Cherry Street Grille, or whatever they call this place now.
Everything changes, everything grows, but not me. I never learned how.
Always rewinding, never put things behind me. You're like my lightning bolt scar.
Now that we're cheated out of everything we've needed, gone, but you'll never be far.


I can still feel her misting like rain. Though years like weeds have grown.
Ahead the road swept, in the river she leapt, skipping The Desert like a stone.
Track Name: Don't Turn Your Back On South Dakota
Don't Turn Your Back On South Dakota

Don't turn your back on South Dakota
We're up to some shit that you'll never see coming
Might pass some laws that you'll find apauling
What you gonna do? You can't do nothing.

Don't turn your back on South Dakota
Go and make your jokes. You're such a funny fella
You won't be laughing and you won't be smiling
Nebraska was first now Minnesota is falling

Don't turn your back on South Dakota
We know where you sleep and we can be there by morning
Might think you're safe down in Virginia
But you'll never be safe from South Dakota

So don't turn your back on South Dakota.
Track Name: Into The Sky
Into The Sky

Somewhere behind you are the mountains
The mountains are where you cannot stay
Somewhere behind you are the memories
Of all those cold and rainy days

This time you've got to learn to fly
This time you've got to rise
One more time and I'll wait for you to fly
Disappear into the sky

Somewhere inside of you is an ocean
You can drift on lazy waves
Somewhere inside of you is a quiet beach
You spend warm and sunny days


There's just one road and it goes everywhere
This one road can take you anywhere
There's always danger on the road
Moving like a river flows
One wrong step you'll be swept far from home

Track Name: Mr. Deja Vu
Mr. Deja Vu

As I move my desk to block off the door
I get this sinking feeling like I've been through all of this before
I made a few friends, did decent work, got a nice review
Deja vu
Although this facility is nice and the people here respect me for what I do
I'd rather be unemployed with you
They call me Mr. Deja Vu

Maybe I'm only four states away from where I want to be
West or east, doesn't matter to me, let's go see what there is to see
I might miss it here in five or seven years, but now it's not what I wanna do
Deja vu
I wish that there was some way for me to apologize and then to sneak out the back way
What else is news?
They call me Mr. Deja vu

(I'm designed to rewind)
(For me repeating is the same as breathing)

Maybe I could make it though the summer
Save up some money for the winter
Maybe I could add on one more year
The future, like magic, would just appear
Everything I have fits in my car
The border to the north is not that far...

There's some secret code that gets triggered by a long stretch of road
Deja vu
I can feel it in my bones, it's the signal that it's time to go
But I don't have to go alone
I'm not the only one who knows...

(I rewind by design)
(For me repeating is the same as breathing)
Track Name: Sun God
Sun God

The past few day I've covered from the sun
In a couple more I can tell you who has won
Cover yourself from our heavenly host
Until you become nothing but a ghost

My inside wants to see the light, my outside wants to see the dark
Hard to remember where did I start
My inside burns to see the sun that my outside has won
Oh Sun God
Burn me on the radio
Blind me I pray to you
Show me the light

You are the one keeping me awake
Visions of your return, signals make me quake
When you shine I believe
But you're haunting my nights with waking dreams

The God in the sun might just be the same
As the God underground, long may he reign
A fist full of dirt that the wind blows away
Still waiting for a sign, I wait for days
Track Name: South Dakota Calls
South Dakota Calls

I've always said that I would go back some day
But the world is wide and I get lost on the way
I keep having dreams of where the prairies touch the sky
I've put it off long enough, now, this is the time

This is the time
Second star to the right and hey, steady on
Follow the signs...
Details are blurry and
Memories are hazy but
At the center these moments shine

From Rapid to Sioux Falls
All the way down. Old Vermillion town
South Dakota call
Says you can take your time just remember to come back home

That perfect moment as if on cue
One little town rises up into view
Everything around here reminds me of you
And if you ever wonder where I've gotten off to
I have gone back home


Some day you really should go back home
Some day we will all be ghosts
Listen to the voices come the early fall
You will hear when South Dakota Calls


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